Custom Branding like a Pro in 2021

Custom Branding like a Pro in 2021 - Branding Centres in GTA

Take your Branding a level up

Any and every business wants to be the customer’s first choice and branding plays a significant role in making that happen. Custom apparel and vehicle wraps are not an alien concept to us. They have been in the market ever since, but now companies have started to realize their importance and how it can make a difference to their business.

Customization and traditional advertising extend far beyond just your company logo to the business’ core values and the theme. It acts as the driving force for people to resonate with your brand.

Famous brands like Starbucks, 680 news have always been ahead in their marketing game. The corporate apparel of Starbucks instantly connects you with the brand. Similar, vehicle wraps for Coca Cola works as a mobile advertising for the brand.

These forms of marketing have multiple benefits, from continuous public advertising to ongoing impressions and staff unity. At Branding Centres, we look at ways to brand your apparel and vehicle that will help you reap the rewards.

In this article we will share benefits of custom apparel and vehicle wrap and how it can benefit your business.

Advantages of Custom Apparel:

  1. Company’s Identity – There are endless opportunities for custom branded apparel. Your type of business will determine what type of custom apparel that best suits your business. You might go for baseball cap and uniform, while a restaurant may use logo embroidered golf shirts, aprons, and chef coats. At BC, we have multiple options to choose from.
  2. Boost Employee Morale – Not only does it increase a unified group identity, but it can also improve employee morale by creating a more uniform, organized work environment. This can lead to enhanced productivity.
  3. Affects Customers in a Positive Way –Uniform custom apparel depicts professionalism and unity that enhances the company’s overall image. As mentioned above, custom apparel helps customer instantly recognize the brand and is approachable.
  4. Additional Advertising – Companies today take advantage of the opportunity by sending personalized brand apparel or accessories to their customer. This builds brand loyalty and enhances customer-brand relationship.
  5. Distinguishes Your Business – With custom apparel you stand out in the market.

Now let us drive you to some benefits of Vehicle Wraps:

  1. Unlimited Exposure around Town – Every time a vehicle is driven, your business is getting additional exposure. Anywhere you drive, the people on the road, in buildings, and on sidewalks could potentially notice. This kind of exposure is becoming important.
  2. Consumer Friendly-Advertising – People often get annoyed with others ad forms because it is too aggressive. No one like constant pop-ups. Vehicle Wraps is an unobtrusive a method of advertising. It invites people to learn more about the business when they have time.
  3. Efficient Branding with Your Existing Assets – If you already have commercial vehicles, using them for advertising not only reaches a large audience, but it also provides additional purpose for your vehicle. It is cost-effective way of getting additional exposure.
  4. Advertising Without Effort – Even when your vehicle is parked at a customer’s facility or residence for hours, your business is still getting exposure. For instance, if someone parks their vehicle next to you, sees your wrapped car, and needs the same product or service, they will contact or research about you. They can just even take a picture to reach out to you later.

One of our clients ‘Woodbine Auto Parts’ who deals in cars premium auto parts came to us to get their job done. Amir, the founder wanted to advertise his business. At Branding Centres, we took care of his end-to-end branding needs. They really aced up their marketing game by getting their custom-made apparel made from us. They purchased 100 branded t-shirts to giveaway to their clients. Not only that, but we also wrapped multiple commercial vehicles for them. Here are some pictures for your reference.

Custom Branding like a Pro in 2021 - Woodbine Auto Parts - Branding Centres - Branding Specialist - Branding agency Toronto - Vehicle Wrap - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Commercial Wrap
Custom Branding like a Pro in 2021 - Woodbine Auto Parts - Branding Centres - Branding Specialist - Branding agency Toronto
Custom Branding like a Pro in 2021 - Woodbine Auto Parts - Branding Centres - Branding Specialist - Branding agency Toronto - Vehicle Wrap - Vinyl Wrap Toronto

At Branding Centres, we leave no stone unturned to deliver the best. Our creative team is always in the forefront to do your job and make it a huge success for you. It does not matter if your business trains for driving cars or you oversee marketing efforts for a hotel—custom branding can benefit your business (whatever it is) or the company that employs you.

To get your commercial vinyl wrap, feel free to reach out to us at (416) 288-8661 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4.

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