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Web Development:

With the pandemic going around all over the world, businesses were forced to move their focus to online. It is times like these that make us aware of the power of the world wide web. In today’s world, it is extremely important that you have an online presence if you want more people to reach your business. Because we’ve come to live in a reality where a company website greatly affects the potential customer’s impression of the business.

People generally make a quick search and they expect to land on a website that offers them what they’re looking for. At Branding Centres along with all your business branding needs, we see the importance of a company website. We offer Web Development services to provide you with all of your web related requirements.

The level and size of a website depend on the services you want to offer, the type of business and your requirements. Branding Centres has a team of highly qualified web developers who have been practising web technologies for years. Whether it is a simple company website with minimal information about the business or a full-blown e-commerce website, we can make it all happen.

The web is a huge network of web pages developed using a vast variety of scripting languages. The web technologies you choose to develop your site with are greatly affected by your requirements. We have capable web developers and designers to develop any type of website offering any kind of service. Based on the current trends, the type of websites we develop include but are not limited to:

Customizable Company/Personal Websites:

It was more than a decade ago when static websites were a thing, the kind of websites which you could only update with the help of a web developer. As time and technologies grew, we are now in the era of customizable websites. These websites allow you a user interface to update the content of your website that’s visible to the general audience. You can change anything on your website at any time. From something as small as the colour of the text to the actual page content, you can update anything without involving a web developer. Branding Centres offers to create customizable websites at a very competitive price.

Subscription-Based Websites:

Got an online service that you want people to subscribe to on a monthly or yearly basis? We’ve got the solution for you right here at Branding Centres. We develop extremely user-friendly subscription-based websites that allow you to manage all of your subscribers, manage payments, newsletters, offers and everything else that’s included in a typical subscription website.


Think you’re ready to start selling online? Look no further, we got your back at Branding Centres. E-commerce websites are basically online shops. These websites not only follow a structure to beautifully showcase your products but also allow them to place orders, create accounts, create wishlists, apply coupons/discounts, compare, make payments, manage order history and a lot more.

Since a lot is going on in these websites that require secure and safe processing of sensitive data such as online payments, you must get your website developed by developers who have experience building such websites. At branding Centres, we’re confident enough to say that we can offer you a fully secure online e-commerce store for your business no matter what type of business or products you have.


Customer Relationship Management/Enterprise Resource Planning. As you grow your team, it becomes incredibly hard to keep track of things going on at the office or workplace. With CRM/ERP solutions we make it very easy for you to manage all the operations and resources in your organization. Offering things like task management for employees, reports for customers, ability to generate invoices, auto responder emails, managing leads, accept secure payments, create alerts, sales management, etc, these systems will make your life much easier by taking over most of the things that you would otherwise do manually. Branding Centres offers CRM/ERP solutions for all your management requirements.

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Web hosting is a digital space where the code, files and programs required to run your website are stored. Web hosting plays an important role when it comes to the loading speed, SEO and security of the website. With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you are not sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer.

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