What is Web Hosting? How to pick the best web hosting for your website?

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the digital space where all the files such as code, media & configuration files required for your website to run successfully are stored. Whenever someone types in your website’s domain name, the files are fetched from your hosting provider’s servers where all the files are stored. Since the files are being accessed from a remote server over the internet, you want to pick the right hosting provider to ensure reliable and fast access to your website.

Based on the type and quality of services, web hosting prices can vary from a few dollars a month to thousands of dollars. Here’s what we recommend you to consider before you choose a web hosting provider:

How much assistance you’ll need:

Basic web hosting providers offer good support for when you’re having issues, concerns, setting up emails, phone support etc.  The time taken for the customer support to address your issue and solve it may vary with each request. The limitation of non-managed service is that the vendor will not be your system manager. At the end of the day, you will have to do it. If you want the hosting provider to manage your website completely, then you may want to consider managed service.

How much traffic are you expecting?

Web Hosting providers usually charge based on the amount of storage and bandwidth usage. Storage is the capacity of disk space your website will require and bandwidth is a measure of how many bytes the server will serve over a given period. If you are not expecting a lot of traffic, the bandwidth will be low. However, if you suddenly get featured on the first page of Google, you can expect bandwidth requirements to surge.

As long as you are realistic, it should be easy for you to decide how much storage and bandwidth you’d need. To make a decision, consider the size of your business and the requirement of the services you’re offering.

Know the Server Types:

The cheapest hosting is available on shared servers. Shared servers, as the name suggests, hold several other websites that your website shares the resources with. Since the resources are shared, the performance of your website depends on the load all the other websites are putting on the server. Apart from that, you get limited functionality which limits you to only upload files using FTP, preventing shell access, restricting what programs you can run on the server and limiting the amount of database access.

The next tier up is the VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting which gives you a simulated remote server. It acts are a server that you get to control completely. You can add domains, manage accounts, create, modify, update basically anything hosted on your VPS. Typically, hosting providers run multiple VPS instances on one box but the performance is almost always better than the base level shared hosting. If you are planning to get VPS, you should be familiar with basic server maintenance and management.

If you do not wish to share performance and resources with other websites, a dedicated box also known as a dedicated server is your solution. It is similar to having a server of your own which no one else is allowed to use. This is your best option if you’re expecting a huge amount of traffic and you have system management experience.

Do not fall for Unlimited Offers:

Some hosting providers offer so-called unlimited storage and bandwidth, but it isn’t always what it seems like. If you’re paying three bucks a month for unlimited hosting then there is a good chance that there is likely something in your terms of service allowing your hosting provider to either throttle your performance or shut you down after a certain usage level.

There you have it, before you make a decision, consider the above-written points to make a better decision.

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