10 Graphic Design Tips for Beginners in 2021

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Graphic Design Tips:

In a world that is as visual as ours, everyone deals with graphic design at some point in their lives if not very frequently. We’re compiling 10 tips that will help you do a little better with graphic design jobs. You do not need any experience to try these tips.

    1. Simplicity is the key:

      Everyone knows that simplicity goes a long way. Keeping it simple is way better than a messy and difficult to understand design. Try to follow a minimalistic design language while keeping the fonts and texts to the minimum. The key to a good design is to achieve a good balance between aesthetic appeal and getting your message across clearly.

    2. Use a colour palette:

      In graphic design, if the colours you’re using are picked randomly, it will give your design an unprofessional and in most cases non-acceptable appeal. The whole purpose of graphic design is to create something that pleases the eye, grabs attention and gets the message delivered. In order to do that, always use a cohesive colour palette. Colours that are easy to look at and look elegant. There are a lot of free tools online where you can generate colour palettes with just a click.

    3. Make use of templates:

      The field of graphic design has grown so much that there is a template available for literally any kind of design job. For when you’re in a rush, go through the available templates and save yourself some time and effort. 

    4. Say yes to white space:

      The goal of graphic design is to be as appealing as possible and get the message across. What would you be tempted to read, a flyer with a bunch of crammed text or a well-organized flyer with clear and minimal text? By well organized we mean, something that has a good balance of breathing spaces, dividers and blank areas. It immediately seems easy to grasp and therefore grabs a person’s attention.

    5. Stick to the design language:

      If you want your design to look professional and attractive, always stick to the design language. Do not throw in elements that do not look like they have any similarity between them. The biggest example of how important it is to stick to a design language is set by the tech giants iOS and Android. You can see their ecosystems have elements that look like they’re related. The tip here is in graphic design, always try to use elements that go together.
      10 Graphic Design Tips for beginners in 2021 - Branding Centres - Marketing & Branding Solutions

    6. Keep the typography minimal:

      The font you pick to convey your message has a significant impact on how it will be taken by the viewer. Use a simple and relevant font to express your message. A greeting card having gothic font makes it mean something totally different. 

    7. Make it easy to read and understand:

      This would include two things, first is to select a font that can be read easily and second, try to get your message across using as few words as possible. On top of that make sure all the other elements of the graphic design are helping to make your message pop instead of pulling focus from it. Use background and other elements that do not pull focus from the main message.

    8. Understand the psychology of colours:

      Graphic design is all about how you can use different colours and other elements to convey a message. Before you tap into it, make yourself aware of the psychology behind colours. Certain colours represent certain emotions. You do not want to use a design dominated by the colour black to promote something that is supposed to promote peace.
      10 Graphic Design Tips for beginners in 2021 - Branding Centres - Marketing & Branding Solutions - Psychology of colours

    9. Know the dimensions before you start:

      Always try to find out the exact size or dimensions of the graphic you’re about to design. For example, if you’re designing a graphic for an Instagram story, the size would be 1080×1920. It prevents and saves you time from having to adjust the elements around later on.

    10. Be Organized:

      The organization is the key to save you from frustration and stress when you have a bunch of files. Name the files appropriately and organize them into appropriately labelled folders.

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