5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 - Branding Centres

Digital Marketing is a set of activities performed over the world wide web in order to raise awareness about a business and eventually get more customers. When you’re a small business owner, you probably do not want to hire specialized digital marketers like those big companies. 

5 Digital Marketing Tips:

We have gathered some tips that you can follow to up your digital marketing game in 2021.

  1. DO NOT try to be on every platform: One of the biggest mistakes most small business owners make is trying to do everything at once. Unless you have a whole team of people handling specific departments, it could get tricky for one person to manage all those platforms. Let’s say you create 15 social media accounts and start posting content to all of them. Because you have to spend time posting on social media, you waste time that you could have used to write better blog content. As they say, less is more. Start small, pick some of the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc and start pushing your content. Once you have a significant audience on those platforms, you can consider starting to create a presence on other social media platforms. Here are some tips you can follow:
    1. Be consistent; It helps you build an audience.
    2. Keep it relevant by keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends.
    3. Take SEO seriously; it will help you in the long run.
    4. Share your content with friends and family
      5 Digital Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead of your competitors in 2021 - Branding Centres
  2. Make Social Media a Priority: A business without a social media profile is like a person without a soul. Almost everyone has a social media account on at least one platform if not many. Billions of users use these platforms to keep up with their friends, family and favourite celebrities, etc. But there’s a big BUT, do not try to be on every social media platform at once. Find the one where your target audience is. For example, if your target audience is more text-oriented then you should consider Twitter or Reddit and if your audience is more visual then your best options would be Instagram and TikTok.
    Social Media Presence - 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Digital Marketing in 2021 - Branding Centres
  3. Influencer Marketing: Influencers are people with a significant amount of followers who look up to them. Promoting a brand or products through influencer referrals is fairly new in the world of digital marketing. Start contacting influencers who are being followed by your potential customers and make a deal with them to promote your products. A survey shows that 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity influencer.
    Influencer Marketing - 5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 - Branding Centres
  4. When to use paid Advertising: Some small businesses start spending on PPC ad campaigns from the start to get some traffic and it works, but in the long run, they start relying on PPC to get business instead of focussing on SEO. They confuse more traffic with more sales. Without a good organic presence, sure people will visit your site but your lack of reviews will make them bounce off the website without making a conversion. So, the first thing to do is optimize your website for SEO and then use PPC when required, Digital Marketing encourages the use of SEO along with PPC.
    PPC - Pay Per Click - 5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 - Branding Centres  
  5. Make Your Website User Friendly: Some people get carried away when they see all those fancy animations and effects and they get themselves websites that are loaded with all kinds of unnecessary animations. Sure they seem cool at first but if they’re consistently on the website, it gets annoying and makes the visitor lose interest. Similarly, when considering your website’s user experience, less is more. Try to keep it as minimal and easy to navigate as possible. The main purpose of your website should be to give people the information they’re looking for instead of showing them an animation show.
    User Experience - UX - 5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 - Branding Centres

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