SEO practices to boost your rankings on Google in 2021

5 SEO optimization tips to rank higher on Google:

Internet is constantly changing. One day you see a video trending all over the world wide web and the next day you don’t see or hear a peep about it. Similarly, the way Google ranks web pages for the search queries entered by the users is getting smarter every day. The algorithm is constantly changed or modified in order to provide users with more relevant search results.

More than anything, Google is looking to give its users the information they’re looking for. So, in order to get your website on the first page of google search results, there are certain SEO practices that you should be dabbling into this year. Some of the most important aspects that you should be considering are the user experience of your website and the behaviour of your audience.

Here’s what you can do in 2021 to make your website rank higher on SERPs:

  1. Relevant Content:

    Goes without saying. People are searching on google to get answers or to find services. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to recognize whether the content on your website is relevant for the user or not. Gone are the days when you could fool Google’s algorithm by simply stuffing your content with keywords. Nowadays, the content has to be valid and relevant to be shown in SERPs. Even if you somehow get the user to visit your website, if it doesn’t answer their question then they’ll hit the back button faster than the speed of light. What that does is, it creates a negative image about your company as well as increases your bounce rate. Always write content for the users, not for the algorithm. Because ultimately the users decide whether it is worth displaying in the search results. Google keeps track of your bounce rate. If people are exiting your website in a matter of seconds, it impacts your ranking. So, always I repeat, ALWAYS write content for people and not for the algorithm. It helps the SEO in long run.
    5 SEO Optimization Tips for Google - Relevant Content - Branding Centres - Marketing & Branding Services in GTA

  2. User Experience:

    After the content, another important thing for SEO is the user experience. No matter how good your content is, if your website is not providing a good user experience, people aren’t going to stay on it for longer than 10 seconds. An example of a bad user experience would be to show them a hundred popups or big ads on an article page. The user will get annoyed and won’t be able to focus on reading. And you don’t have to do much to give your users a good browsing experience, if anything you have to do less. Simplicity is the best. Keep your webpages clean, easy to navigate and read. The algorithm primarily analyzes the loading speed, interactivity and visual stability of a website. Try not to use long animations and effects. That only looks good for a second and for the rest of the time it’s just annoying.
    5 SEO Tips to rank higher on google in 2021 - User Experience and SEO - Branding Centres

  3. SEO Optimization for Mobile Devices:

    Common people! It’s 2021. Everyone has a handheld smartphone that’s just as powerful as a computer. In the last few years, the usage of mobile devices has taken over. People barely go and visit a website on their desktop. Why would they? When they can just pull up the website on their smartphone. Most websites have two versions, a desktop version and a responsive version that’s supposed to adapt according to the screen width of a mobile device. If you believe that you only need to optimize your website for the desktop version then think again because, since 2019, Google started analyzing the mobile version of webpages as primary versions, leaving the desktop versions as secondary. So, don’t forget to optimize the mobile version for SEO.
    5 SEO Tips to rank higher on google in 2021 - Mobile SEO - Branding Centres

  4. Pay attention to the core web vitals:

    Google introduced Core Web Vitals in 2020. As we discussed, the algorithm looks for loading speed, interactivity and visual stability which makes up for a great user experience. So, how would you know the vitals that may impact the SEO in 2021? Google explained in its Central blog, the three factors that will be analyzed by the algorithm. 

    1. Large Contentful Paint; It’s the measure of how long it takes for a page to display its main content.
    2. First Input Delay; It is the time taken for a page to become interactive.
    3. Cumulative Layout Shift; It is the volume of unexpected layout changes in visual content. 5 SEO tips to rank higher on Google in 2021 - Core Web Vitals - Branding Centres
  5. Optimize your Content for Zero-click Searches:

    As we’ve discussed, Google is looking to give its users the information they need as fast as possible. Recently Google started to serve the information without requiring the user to click. You must have seen sometimes when you type in a question and google immediately gives you the answer without you having to click on any link. The information is fetched from a web page. So, be sure to take this under consideration. Optimize your content in a way that it would be eligible to be displayed in those zero-click searches.
    5 SEO tips for higher google rankings in 2021 - Zero Click Searches - Branding Centres

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