8 Remarkable Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out

8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Printing Services in Toronto - Branding Centres

Top Business Cards Ideas

Today is marked as a digital age, but the traditional business cards still hold a great value to connect with potential clients and networking. Studies indicate that around 10 billion business cards are printed every year in the USA alone.

Most people think about their elevator pitch, social media channels, or outfit, but do not consider business cards that give an incredible opportunity to supercharge the first impression. It is much more than just your contact information; it is a mini advertisement. Whether you own a big firm or work as a freelancer, you need a business card to make that first move. Other than creating a positive first impression, it makes your brand memorable.

To help you out on the inspiration front, Branding Centres has compiled the top 8 business cards ideas for your brand.

  1. Gum Pack Business Card: Our highest selling product type. Business card with a gum pack for your potential customers to remember your brand whenever they chew that gum can work wonders for the business. You can also pick just the sleeve and buy the gum from outside as you want. Here is the picture for your reference. 8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Gum Pack Business Cards
  2. QR Codes: We all know how QR codes have become part of our daily life more than ever before. Be it a restaurant, grocery store, or packages, they are seen everywhere.
    Having QR codes on your business cards adds value to information, connecting non-digital with the digital world. Your hidden information is just a scan away! This type of card will instantly catch people’s attention. Most importantly, it is faster to translate printed information into digital and makes it handy.QR codes on business cards are a new way to communicating and connecting. Create your QR code here.
    8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - QR Code Business Cards - Branding Centres
  3. Transparent Business Card: Our third pick for your business is a transparent business card. Modern & chic way to network. They are versatile, flexible, and memorable. Their exclusivity makes them stand out. It is becoming a trend in advertising and reflects modernization. When compared to counterparts, they are more durable and long-lasting. 8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Transparent Business Cards - Branding Centres
  4. Square Cards: Next on the list we have, square cards. They are slick and certainly different. It acts as a surprising factor for people because they expect a rectangular item. Besides that, it has multiple benefits like they fit better in wallets, take lesser time in designing, and catch more eyes due to the uniqueness.
    8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Square Business Cards - Branding Centres
  5. Contemporary & Colorful: Jazz up your business cards with all those colors. Be playful and add a quirky touch to those business cards. Create maximum impact with bold color visuals that connect to your brand and personality. High color designs can work for any business card design. Look for ways to incorporate the logo in a way it stands out.
  6. 8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Colorful Business Cards - Branding Centres Cutout Designs: Go extra with silhouettes on your business card. This eye-catching trend involves an exclusive featuring abstract and iconic cutouts for business cards. In some cases, the snipped-away part makes the card easier to grasp. In others, the cutout features a card sleeve and complements the inside layer. This kind of card will give an edge to your marketing strategy.

8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Cutout Business Cards - Branding Centres

  1. USB Business Cards: Go a level up with a custom USB Business Card branded with your logo. Instead of just printing your company logo on a standard USB drive, provide clients with a branding experience. In addition to the promotional USB Card being custom-branded, the Chip itself can also store your promotional material. This can include company presentations, videos, PDF files, catalogs, and anything else you may want to distribute on the USB Card.

8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - USB Business Cards - Branding Centres

  1. Metallic Business Cards: Last but not the least, metallic cards. They are premium and costs more than their counterparts but worth it. They create a huge impact for the recipient with the unique design possibilities and texture. Most importantly, Metal business cards last a lifetime and can also stand up against any weather or damage that may happen. 8 Unique Business Cards Ideas to Stand Out - Metallic Business Cards - Branding Centres

Business cards set the tone when introducing your brand to new people, whether you’re beginning a new venture or revamping the existing one. It’s time to show the world your new perspective—straight from your pocket. At Branding Centres, we take care of your end-to-end printing needs. Your vision is Our Reality! From designing to printing, we do everything in-house, helping you create contemporary business cards that work.

We are just a call away at (416) 288-8661 or you can visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to consult with our experts.


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