Commercial Decals On Ford Transit Connect for Let Me Upgrade

Transforming Let Me Upgrade’s Ford Transit Connect with Custom Commercial Decals

At Branding Centres, we thrive on turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of brand identity. Our recent project with Let Me Upgrade perfectly encapsulates this ethos. Let Me Upgrade, a company specializing in drywall, insulation, framing, plastering, and stucco removal, approached us with a challenge: to elevate their brand visibility on their Ford Transit Connect. They needed a solution that not only showcased their services but also made a statement on the road. Enter custom commercial decals.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Before diving into the design process of these commercial decals, we took the time to understand Let Me Upgrade’s brand personality, values, and target audience. We recognized the importance of creating a design that not only reflected their services but also resonated with potential clients driving alongside their vehicle or encountering it on job sites.

Crafting the Design

With a clear understanding of Let Me Upgrade’s objectives, our team of designers got to work. We conceptualized a design that prominently featured the services offered by the company. Each service – drywall, insulation, framing, plastering, and stucco removal – was strategically placed on the Ford Transit Connect, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Bold typography and vibrant colors were used to grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

Crafting the design for Let Me Upgrade’s Ford Transit Connect involved a thorough and collaborative process. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we ensured our client was taken care of every step of the way:

  1. Initial Consultation: We began by scheduling an initial consultation with Let Me Upgrade to understand their branding goals, target audience, and unique selling points. This meeting allowed us to establish a strong foundation for the design process and ensured that we were aligned with their vision.
  2. Research and Analysis: Our team conducted comprehensive research into Let Me Upgrade’s industry, competitors, and current branding efforts. This helped us identify opportunities for differentiation and understand the key messages that needed to be communicated through the design.
  3. Concept Development: Armed with insights from our research, our team of designers began brainstorming concepts for the custom commercial decals. We explored various visual elements, typography styles, and color palettes to create designs that would effectively showcase Let Me Upgrade’s services and capture the attention of their target audience.
  4. Presentation of Concepts: Once we had developed several design concepts, we presented them to Let Me Upgrade for feedback. We walked them through each concept, explaining the rationale behind our design decisions and how they aligned with their branding objectives. This collaborative approach ensured that Let Me Upgrade felt actively involved in the design process and empowered them to provide valuable input.
  5. Refinement and Iteration: Based on Let Me Upgrade’s feedback, we refined the chosen concept, making any necessary adjustments to ensure it met their expectations and effectively communicated their brand message. This iterative process allowed us to fine-tune the design until it was perfect.
  6. Mockup Creation: With the design finalized, we created mockups of the custom commercial decals superimposed onto Let Me Upgrade’s Ford Transit Connect. These mockups provided Let Me Upgrade with a realistic preview of how the design would look once installed on their vehicle, allowing them to visualize the end result and make any final tweaks if needed. Mockup is created with Wrap Authority templates. Accurate and detailed template of a Ford Transit Connect helped our graphic designers setup and design these commercial decals.
  7. Approval and Sign-Off: Once Let Me Upgrade was completely satisfied with the design, we obtained their formal approval and sign-off before proceeding to the installation phase.This ensured that everyone was on the same page and that there were no surprises during the implementation stage. We let Vinyl Wrap Toronto take the stage during installation with their experienced and certified installers.

By following this comprehensive and client-focused approach to the design process, we were able to ensure that Let Me Upgrade received a custom commercial decal design that not only met their branding objectives but also exceeded their expectations.

The Installation Process

Once the design was finalized, it was time for the installation phase. Installers at Vinyl Wrap Toronto meticulously applied the custom commercial decals to the Ford Transit Connect, ensuring every detail was perfect. We paid special attention to the placement of all commercial decals, taking into account the vehicle’s contours and ensuring that the design flowed seamlessly from one panel to the next.

commercial decals for Let Me Upgrade ford transit connect
Commercial decals for Let Me Upgrade’s Ford Transit Connect, highlighting their social media (Instagram, Whatsapp) alongside their specialties like drywall, insulation and framing.

The Results

The transformation was nothing short of spectacular. Let Me Upgrade’s Ford Transit Connect was no longer just a mode of transportation; it was a rolling billboard that showcased their expertise to the world. Whether cruising down the highway or parked at a job site, the vehicle demanded attention, sparking curiosity and generating brand awareness wherever it went.

At Branding Centres, we understand the power of effective branding. Through custom commercial decals, we were able to elevate Let Me Upgrade’s brand visibility and leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

If you’d like to see more of our vehicle branding projects, visit our wrap page. You’ll be surprised that we do not only brand company fleets, we use the power of graphic design and vinyl wrap almost everywhere – walls, floors, and even storefront signs!


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