T-Shirt Branding for Tubbies Breakfast and Lunch

Tubbies t-shirt branding after the heat press process. Front is simple, yet the slogan at the back is eye catching.

In today’s competitive market, standing out is crucial for any business, and what better way to make a statement than through custom apparel branding? At Branding Centres, we recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Tubbies, a beloved breakfast and lunch spot renowned for its American fare. In this case study, we delve into our journey of elevating Tubbies’ brand identity through expert t-shirt branding.

Tubbies t-shirt branding at the front of the item.
Tubbies t-shirt branding at the front of the item.

The Challenge

Tubbies approached us with the goal of enhancing their brand visibility and fostering a sense of unity among their staff. They wanted a distinctive look that would resonate with their customers while embodying their brand ethos.

Our Approach on T-Shirt Branding:

Understanding Tubbies’ vision and target audience, we devised a tailored branding solution centered around custom t-shirt branding. Leveraging our expertise in large and small format graphics, we opted for a minimalist yet impactful design.

The Design Concept

For the t-shirts, we employed the DTF (Down to Fabric) technique, ensuring vibrant and durable prints that seamlessly blend with the fabric. The choice of navy shirts provided a striking contrast to the cheerful yellow artwork, emphasizing Tubbies’ vibrant personality.

T-Shirt Branding Placement and Messaging

To maintain professionalism while injecting personality, we strategically placed Tubbies’ logo on the left chest, symbolizing brand recognition. Meanwhile, the slogan “The Sun Never Sets at Tubbies” adorned the back, capturing the essence of their all-day dining experience.

Eye catching quote at the back of the t-shirt was a part of the t-shirt branding.
Eye catching quote at the back of the t-shirt was a part of the t-shirt branding.

Heat Press Technology and Application

Utilizing heat press technology, we meticulously transferred the designs onto the shirts with precision and finesse. Our attention to detail ensured a flawless finish, guaranteeing longevity and comfort for Tubbies’ staff and servers.

Cohesive Brand Look for Tubbies

The custom t-shirts not only provided Tubbies with a cohesive and polished look but also served as powerful brand ambassadors. Staff members proudly donned their branded attire, sparking conversations and strengthening customer loyalty. The eye-catching design garnered attention both within the restaurant and beyond, reinforcing Tubbies’ position as a culinary destination.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective branding is indispensable for success. Through our strategic t-shirt branding initiative, we helped Tubbies amplify their brand presence, foster team spirit, and leave a lasting impression on their patrons.

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