Commercial Vinyl Wrap – GMC Savana – Rahil Trading

Commercial Vinyl Wrap – GMC Savana – Rahil Trading - Branding Centres

Commercial Vinyl Wrap for GMC Savana


In the digital age, traditional marketing is still a winner. Vehicle wraps popularly known as ‘moving billboards’ are hard to ignore and reach an audience offline. A lot of you might think that traditional marketing has been eclipsed by digital marketing, but it is still effective in boosting your business. It provides opportunities to reach a large audience in ways that digital cannot.

Currently, with the ongoing COVID-19 situation it is critical to stand out and make an impression as a business. Commercial vinyl wraps and decals are a powerful marketing and advertising tool for business. During these challenging times, commercial vinyl wraps are ideal to let people know you are still operational and open for business.

How can commercial vinyl wraps benefit your business?

  1. Attentional Grabbing Technique: A unique design, color, or graphics on your vehicle can really make a difference and make your company vehicles stand out from the others. Wherever you drive your vehicle, people will potentially notice. They might even pull out their phones to google more about your business.
  2. Helps in word-of-mouth marketing – People tend to get annoyed with aggressive advertising ways like notifications or pop-ups. Whereas commercial vinyl wraps are quite the opposite. People respond better to advertisements that do not take the in-your-face approach and will even share it with others.
  3. One-time cost – This form of marketing is not time-bound, instead, your vehicle is getting exposure all the time. Even if it is parked, it is getting people’s attention 24/7.
  4. No competition for advertising space – With commercial vinyl wraps, there is no competition like newspapers, billboards, etc. Everyone has an opportunity and control over the look and size of the advertising.

If your business involves shipping goods from one place to another, then vehicle wraps can turn out to be the most profitable advertising technique. The commercial wraps make great mobile advertisements.

Our client Rahil Trading, is a wholesale merchandise business. They have a store in GTA and provide home deliveries as well. The client came to Vinyl Wrap Toronto to get a commercial vinyl wrap on their GMC Savana. They wanted the get their van wrapped on both the sides and the tailgate and that is what we gave them. The vision was that the van should completely resonate with the company’s design and marketing concept.

Our team of experts came up with the design mock-up for the client’s approval. Once the design got approved the process moved towards installation. Here is the mock-up design.

Full Commercial Vinyl Wrap – GMC Savana – Rahil Trading - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Mock up

Here is how the entire process looks like.

Full Commercial Vinyl Wrap – GMC Savana – Rahil Trading - Vinyl Wrap Toronto

The client wanted to put out the message about their delivery service, the logo, major brands that they have, and contact information for the people to reach out to them. We have attached the pictures for your reference below.

Full Commercial Vinyl Wrap – GMC Savana – Rahil Trading - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Van

To get your commercial vinyl wrap, feel free to reach out to us at 416-822-3232 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4.

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