New Full Vehicle Wrap – Metro Jet Wash Isuzu Truck

New Full Vehicle Wrap - Metro Jet Wash- Isuzu Truck - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Branding Centres

Full Vehicle Wrap – Metro Jet Wash

Are you looking to increase your business visibility and build the professional identity your business needs? Vehicle wraps and graphics are the ideal way. It is the most cost-efficient form of advertising.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto specializes in car, truck, and trailer graphics and full vehicle wrap. We wrap almost all the vehicle types.

A complete vehicle wrap is the best way to turn your vehicle into a complete advertisement powerhouse. This type of wrap offers seamless coverage to your vehicle. Designing a unique vehicle wrap ad requires you to consider many technical and aesthetic elements. Only a strategically well-thought vehicle wrap design can take your brand message effectively to your audience. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right vehicle wrap design. Read through to know more:

  1. Resonate with your brand and market: When choosing a vehicle wrap design, ensure that it is in sync with your brand message. Each design, typeface, color, and any other element used should be sending the right brand signals to your customers.
    An effective way to know if the wrap ad is expressing your brand identity and message is, that you create a rough drawing and ask a small group to share their feedback. This will not only help in understanding if the design is good but also what the audience thinks about it.
  2. Use Bright and Appealing Colours: This is one of the crucial design elements. Always choose colours that resemble your brand. For instance, if your brand logo is green, try and go for the green in the vehicle wrap design. Use bright colors for designing vehicle wrap as they are visible from a long distance.
  3. Avoid all the information: Do not create chaos in the design by adding every possible piece of information. “Simplicity is the key.” Traditional wraps are eye-catching and sophisticated. So, avoid unnecessary clutter and let your brand identity stand out.
  4. Go for Bold Lettering: Think through the text size. It should be readable from a long distance, otherwise, a vehicle wrap is of no use. The major aim is to get attention, therefore, go for bold and big lettering to grab viewers’ attention.
  5. Finished Wrap: The wrap should look impactful from every angle, so always inspect it properly. A minute error can make it huge advertising fail. Here are a few examples of ads that went wrong.

Recently, one of our regular clients Metro Jet Wash came to us to get their commercial Isuzu Truck wrapped. The truck was recently purchased and painted white. It looked like this.

New Full Vehicle Wrap - Metro Jet Wash - Isuzu Truck - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Branding Centres

The clients wanted a black vehicle wrap with their services, contact information, and logo on the truck. The colour theme they chose completely resonates with the brand logo and theme. Here is the result after the wrap.

New Full Vehicle Wrap - Metro Jet Wash Isuzu Truck - After - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Branding Centres - Etobicoke

Here are the pictures of our previous jobs that we did for Metro Jet Wash.

Metro Jet Wash Isuzu Truck – Full Vehicle Wrap - Vinyl Wrap Toronto

Metro Jet Wash Isuzu Truck – Full Vehicle Wrap - Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Nissan - Branding Centres

Nissan NV2500 - - Full Wrap - Van Wrap - Decals - Lettering - Metro Jet Wash - Avery - After - Side

Vinyl Wrap Toronto offers in-house custom design for branding consistency, using premium high-quality 3M and Avery Dennison materials that are professionally installed and removable when you choose.

To get your commercial vehicle wrapped and ace the marketing game, give us a call today at 416-822-3232 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4.

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