8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business

8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Branding Centres - Digital Marketing

Creative Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today

Content is king but Gary Vaynerchuk said it rightly that Context is God! Blogging is an ultra-crucial asset to your business when it comes to building engagement and traffic. Blogging can be the center of your content marketing strategy. Blogging increases your online visibility by boosting your SEO rankings. Additionally, it helps to draw in potential new customers to the website and eventually increases your sales.
What can be daunting is to think about new blog post ideas. If you’ve hit a creative block when it comes to the content on your blog, don’t sweat it. This blog is exactly for you.

In this article, we have unveiled the top 8 blog post ideas to get you started. Read through to know more.

  1. Current Trends: The audience love to learn and read about current trends. They want to stay up to date with what’s going around in the world. So, this topic is an easy addition to your content schedule.
    While you can look at what’s hot currently, a great way to leverage this idea is to predict what the trends will be in the future. For example, Top 10 Fashion Trends in 2022.

8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Current Trends - Branding Centres

  1. Write a how-to-post blog: One of the most popular types of blog post ideas is how-to. Why? Because users are always searching for answers to their problems on the internet. And a how-to post can help provide those answers.
    It also lets readers know that it’s a specific post that will give a deep insight into the problem and tutorial of the same. Here are some blogs that we wrote for our websites.
    How Businesses Can Benefit from these 5 strategies Post-Pandemic
    How Vinyl Decals can Boost your Branding Game
  2. Meet the Team: The About us page on your website might hold the information about the team but writing a detailed blog featuring your team can help your audience relate to you on a personal level. The audience is always looking to know more about your brand and team, so this is your opportunity to introduce the team. This will also help in building their trust for the brand they are working for.

8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Meet the Team

  1. Highlight customer stories: An insight into the job that you did for the client through the blog is a great way to increase traffic. This can help humanize your brand and potential clients can also relate to them. For instance, this is how we feature our clients on the blog.
    Goodmen Corporation – Fleet Truck Decals; How to utilize the real estate on your fleet for promoting your business.
    New Full Vehicle Wrap – Metro Jet Wash Isuzu Truck

8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Highlight Customer Stories - Branding Centres

  1. Introduce a new product/service: Showcase a new product or a new feature, giving all the details and release date of the product. Do a sneak peek, premiere, a small teaser, or early release giveaway to a handful of your blog readers and ask them to review the news. These testimonials will add to the excitement in your customer base about the new product release.
    8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Introduce New Product - Branding Centres
  2. Answer FAQs: As a business, we are sure that your inbox is flooded with all sorts of questions. Why not address all of them in a blog and re-purpose the blog across different social media platforms. This will not only help the user but also create a streamline for your own business as well.
    8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Answer FAQs - Branding Centres
  3. Roundup Blogs: A story is incomplete without a summary. Similarly, leverage this to your business as well. Make quarterly plans and share a blog report with the audience comprising of what all you did and achieved in the last couple of months. You can also include “best of the best” related to your industry or your product or service.
  4. Listicles: Any piece of content formatted as a list is called a listicle. This article is also a listicle. List blogs are easy to scan and read, particularly for those who are pressed for time and want to grasp the key points right away. You can create blog posts featuring lists of products, advice, tools, and any other topics your target audience will find useful.
    8 Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic for your Business - Listicles - Branding Centres

With this, we made it to the end of the article. It is worth mentioning that you should always vary the blog-type that you publish to provide an interesting read to the audience.

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