How Businesses Can Benefit from these 5 strategies Post-Pandemic

How Businesses Can Benefit from these 5 strategies Post-Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies

COVID-19 pandemic shook a lot of businesses and the economy and tossed us into dreaded ‘discomfort zone’ for more than one year now. With businesses gradually getting back into operation, it is obvious that need to look at possible ways to adapt to this post-pandemic situation. This involves new marketing & advertising strategies, novel ways of engaging with your customers, and generate revenue as well.

For businesses to survive post-pandemic, now is the time to look and reevaluate their marketing strategy.

As the world gets back to normal, do not forget to check these 5 marketing strategies that can help your business more than ever before.

  1. Review and Modify Buyer Personas: COVID-19 has changed everything around us, and it will continue in the post-pandemic too. Similarly, the target audience you defined earlier have most likely changed. Take the time to audit and update your current personas and focus on discovering any new personas for post-pandemic. You can have real conversations with people and take their feedback or go for a thorough analysis of industry trends. Most importantly, do not forget to still cater to your previous customers.
  2. Digitize your Brand: If you have not leverage the digital side for your brand, you are missing out on huge opportunities. Especially, during COVID-19 where internet usage went up 70%. Monitor marketing trends and use them in your content marketing strategy. Learn about the potential customer patterns and business opportunities. Divert your business advertising to digital side & market the product online. If you are feeling clueless as to how to make the first move, Branding Centres is here for you to navigate through these COVID times.
  3. Run Special Discounts & Giveaways: As you begin to reopen, a good way to get people interested in coming in is by offering exclusive discounts and giveaways on social media. You can even leverage e-mail to announce the same. This will not only help bring in new potential customers but also retain the old ones. This can work for any and every industry. As a business, you can provide combo deals, 20& discount on minimum purchase of 80$, etc.
    For instance, McDonalds’s Canada is running a new promotional offer where they are offering free medium coffee with min purchase of 1$ in the app until September 6.
    How Businesses Can Benefit from these 5 strategies Post-Pandemic - Branding Centres - McDonald's
  4. Invest in SEO & Organic Traffic: Put efforts in high-quality content to increase the traffic on the website. Use SEO wisely keeping in mind what is audience looking for. Studies indicate that updating & republishing the old blogs can increase organic traffic as much as 106%. Do not forget to use backlinks to get more search traffic from Google. To rank on Google, keep updating content regularly. Here is an example of one of our brand Vinyl Wrap Toronto.
    How Businesses Can Benefit from these 5 strategies Post-Pandemic - Branding Centres - Google Search Ranking - SEO
  5. Competitive Analysis and Redefine Your Business Goals: To excel in your business, you should always know what your competitors are doing in the market. It gives an overview of your industry and helps you are in creating efficient marketing strategy. Due to pandemic, there is a high possibility that the competitor metrics have changed. Some might have shut down due COVID hit, or even planned on expanding. Therefore, conducting analysis is vital for your business. This will further help in redefining your targeted goals post-pandemic.

Now that you know how to get back to marketing, get started already or simply contact Branding Centres. Call us at (416) 288-8661 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4. We can help your company with the roadmap to recovery.

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